Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hello, anybody there?

*brushes off cobwebs and blows away the dust*

This feels really strange, it's been over three months since I've so much as read a blog, never mind putting any words on my own. We've done plenty I could write about but I simply Couldn't. Be. Arsed......

I don't know what has made me start writing today, considering I have a basket full of clothes that aren't going to iron themselves and an irritable poorly Monster hanging off me trying to blow dribbly wet raspberries on my face......oh that's right, I'm procrastinating!

Back in May I signed up with Rosalilium to challenge myself to blog every day for a month, 31 days of waffle (lucky for you I only managed 19 of them). It stressed me, it made me tired and slightly panicky when I sat up late most nights struggling to string together a sentence or ten to get a blog post out every day. It annoyed me greatly when I couldn't keep up, I felt I was letting the team down, but when I noticed she was doing it again I stuck my name on the end of that damn list......sucker for punishment!

So that's the plan, 30 days of blogging to gently ease me back into the bloggersphere (that's a word, right?!).....I'm already late for the party!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pinterest love: Monster bedroom ideas

We moved in to our house just over a year ago and so far have only completely decorated one room....our bedroom *smug face*. The poor neglected wee Monsters have been living in squalor, well not quite, their rooms are just creamy/beigey boxes and boring. So this summer I have promised myself to get them sorted into rooms they will enjoy spending time in (haven't told hubby this yet...oops!).

And where else to look for ideas....Pinterest, of course! (You can follow me here)

Here are a few ideas I like the look of, not saying I'll be replicating them...they are merely inspiration.......

I really like the idea of having a huge world map on Monster #1's wall. Colourful and educational!
Genius idea...Ikea spice rack! These are on my list for our next trip to Ikea.


Monster #2 is obsessed with lorries,  I like the idea of displaying the chunkier ones on small shelves.


This is a bit OTT but I think Monster #1 would love it!


I'd love to be able to do something like this for the Monsters.....ain't gonna happen though, kids!



Silent Sunday

Monday, 10 June 2013

Girl Guide

Last week the Daily Mail reported (here) that the Government are planning to give parents a guide to help bring up their daughters and 'tackle the lack of ambition in young women'.

I'm in two minds whether this is something I support. As a parent, I know it is my responsibility to nurture my children and encourage them to grow into honest, driven individuals. We play a vital part in helping our children make the right choices. So a part of me thinks a guide to help parents 'bring up aspirational young women' is a positive thing but I also feel that it's a bit insulting to parents and young women. 

OK, I know I have two boys but if it were a guide for the wee dudes how would I feel....are they assuming that I won't know how to encourage my Monsters to work hard through school? Are they making me feel a failure as a parent before I even get off the starting block? I'll probably get shot for this, but in my opinion, if the parents haven't got the will to encourage their daughters to aspire to more then a booklet on how to do so isn't going to make a scrap of difference. I think we need to give the younger generation more credit, regardless of their gender. I see and speak to a fair few children and young adults where I work and 9 out of 10 have a dream of becoming something great, these kids are already driven and ambitious. 

I also believe that, as humans, we need to make mistakes and learn from them. So what if you're not in your dream job by the time you're 30. There are so many opportunities to study later in life and learn new skills. Who's to say you can't get that CEO job when you're 40, would you want all that pressure in your early twenties.....maybe? 

Don't you feel there are enough pressures on children today? Are we making them grow up too soon?

Obviously there is more to it, the Government are trying to encourage women into senior, more prominent roles and 'maximise women's contribution to economic growth', but I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think you and your daughter would benefit from guidance like this? Or do you think its patronising, mum knows best....right?

(N.B - read the second comment under the article.....what a dick!)


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Peg Legs

While I was having a nosey in Asda this morning I spotted a pack of wooden pegs, instantly it reminded me of my preschooler days when we would make peg people for the doll house. I've been wanting to make stick men for the Monsters for when we read Stickman but I've never stumbled across just the right sort of stick....I thought this would be the next best thing?!

It took all of five minutes, Monster #1 really enjoyed making them and it was relatively mess free! (I managed to get clue on my elbow which resulted in threads of fabric attaching themselves to me....a colourful, slightly hairy looking elbow on trend!)
Behold! The pink craft box!

What you'll need....
They were really cheap to make.... the pegs were £1 or so from Asda, glue £1.50 from Wilkinsons, as well as the googly eyes, and the scraps of fabric were from a craft fair but you could use anything you have lying around (old pillow case? cotton hankie? coloured paper?)

Scraps of fabric expertly cut by Monster #1                                                                      

Nearly done....

Outfit of the day!

We decided against using the wiggly eyes, it made our peg people look like they were suffering from hyperthyroidism! It's not the look we were going for. Instead we used a felt tips to draw on the simplest of features and some hair.

Ta da!